Chemical Attachments

Front And Rear Spreaders

Front and Rear Spreader

For insecticide application. Puts chemical in a narrow band either before and/or after the press wheel.

Granual Chemical Hopper

Granular Chemical Hopper

Holds 70 lbs. of either herbicide or insecticide, or 35 lbs. or each when used with a conversion divider. Large dials are easy to set and adjsut to your desired rates.

Smartbox Compatible

Smartbox Compatible

Dry Fertilizer Attachments

Bulk Fill Conveyor System

Bulk Fill Conveyor System

Features a 5' telescoping discharge spout, hydraulic controls at both top and bottom, and laoding speeds up to 376 rpm.

Double Disk

Double-Disk Dry Fertilizer Opener

Perfect for conventinal- and Mulch-till conditions, the double-disk opener places your exact rate in the right place.

Dry Fertilizer Hopper

Dry Fertilizer Hopper

Hold from 600-900 lbs. each, depending on the plater configuration. Planter mounted dry fertilizer is available on 6- and 8-row trailing configurations only.

Single Disk Opener Dry Fertilizer Knife

Single-Disk Opener with Dry Fertilizer Knife

For no-till fields, opt for the single-disk opener with 17in. rippled coulter. A knife scraper can be added to keep openers clean. Optional guage wheels allow for placement 3 or 4 in. deep.


V Shaped Furrowing Wing

"V-Shaped" Furrowing Wing

Removes the top layer of soil or clods from beds so seed is placed into moist soil. Wings are not recommended for heavy-residue conditions or in rocky or sticky soils.

25 Wave Rippled Coulter

25-Wave Rippled Coulter

Available for soil warming in strip till conditions with heavy residue. An independent depth adjustment lets you control the level of tillage you desire. An 8-wave coulter is also available.

Bar Rock Guard

Bar Rock Guard

Keep rocks from wedging between the drive wheel and guage wheel. Used in combination with a wheel cover, this also prevents rocks and dirt clods from damaging the tire valve stem.

Conbination Residue Manager Coulter

Combination Residue Manager Coulter

Move residue and achieve maximum soil warming in heavy strip till conditions with the combination residue manager coulter. Availabe on pivot-transport configurations only.

Downpressure Spring

Downpressure Spring

Attach to the dual closing disks for extra force to cover the seed trench in hard soils

Dual Wheel Residue Manager

Dual-Wheel Residue Manager

Each 13in. steel wheel has 16 fingers to clear stalks and trash out of the way. Adjust working depth shallow enough for minimal soil disruption. Available in both floating and fixed configurations.

Guard Attachements

Guard Attachments

To prevent residue-wrap and damage from dirt clods. The drive-wheel chain protects critical components from residue and clods in mulch and no-till fields

Narrow No Till Residue Manager 583X437

Narrow No-Till Residue Manager

Dual managers power through the toughest residue without creating undersirable soil distribance. High-strength steel arm can be set to float and follow the soil contour or locked down to hold the wheels firmly in place.

Notched Disk Furrower

Notched Disk Furrower

For heavier residue conditions in mulch-till and no-till fields, opt for notched 12 in. disks in a staggered position. Adjust depth and blade angle to suite your situation.

No Till Residue Manager

No-Till Residue Manager

No-till residue managers are for heaver, no-till residue situations. Available in both floating and fixed configurations.

Regular Disk Furrower

Regular Disk Furrower

Disk furrowers move dry soil and residue to the side for smoother opener operation. Sized 9.25 or 12 in. in diameter and are set nose to nose. Adjust depth and blade angle to suit your situation.

Rotary Disk Scraper

Rotary Disk Scraper

Prevents excess dirt buildup, which is especially useful in wet or sticky soils. A heavy-duty flat scraper comes standard.

Liquid Fertilizer Attachments

70 110 Gallon

(4) 70 or (2) 110 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

Available for the 1225 Early Riser Planters.

200 230 Gallon

(2) 200 or 230 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

Available for the 1245 Early Riser Planters.

400 600 Gallon

400 or 600 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Tank

Available for the 1255 Early Riser Planters.

600 Gallon

600 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Tank

Available for the 1265 Early Riser Planters.

Bulk Fill Scales 583X437

Bulk Fill Scales

New bulk fill scales give you the ability to measure the exact weight of product remaining in the tank, ensure even seed distribution between seed tanks or add only the amount of seed required to complete a field or farm.

Double Disk Liquid Fert Opener

Double-Disk Liquid Fertilizer Opener

Available for the 1225, 1245, 1255, and 1265 Early Riser Planters.

No Till Single Disk Opener With Knife

No-Till Single-Disk Opener with Knife

Using single-disc fertilizer openers to apply fertilizer can help save money on labor, fuel and equipment.

No Till Single Disk Opener With Liquid Injection

No-Till Single-Disk Opener with Liquid Injection

Precision Planting® Attachments

Precision Planting 20 20 Seed Sense Tm Display 1320 07 14 Mr

20/20 SeedSense®

Real-time, row-by-row, performance monitoring allows you to make decisions on the go. It provides clear visibility to diagnose planting errors, reduce compaction, control depth and evaluate seeding performance.

Clean Sweep R Air Compressor 0689 07 14 Mr


Set and adjust residue managers from the cab using CleanSweep®. Air cylinders provide flexibility and enhanced performance to clear residue and improve emergence without going too deep to create trenches.

Precision Planting Delta Force R Row Unit Down Pressure Control 0683 07 14 Mr


Automatically control down pressure on every row for more accurate seed depth across varying soil conditions. DeltaForce can also lift the row unit to optimize seed placement in soft soil.

Precision Planting V Drive Tm 0729 07 14 Mr


The vDrive™ electric meter-drive system prevents overlaps and provides contour control to maximize seed placement accuracy. Maintain the prescribed population on each row for optimal yield potential.

V Set Vacuum Meter 0187 07 14 Mr


The vSet™ vacuum meter system provides industryleading singulation accuracy with no need for adjustments.